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  • Expert Committee

    On pursuance of IRF India, the GoI has appointed an Expert Committee under chairmanship of Safeway company.

  • Structured Curriculum

    The Committee is making structured Road Safety Curriculum for different age group of children in different classes

  • uniform adoption

    The Curriculum is going to be enforced for uniform adoption across all the state boards


Since the creation of the Company of SAFEWAY ROAD SAFETY SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT. LTD. in December 2013, most of our research initiatives have delivered proven results, which can be adapted in developing countries like India for improving the basis of road safety.

In the process of research, SAFEWAY ROAD SAFETY SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT. LTD., systems and methods of training in all areas of road safety have been benchmarked and training courses imparted by the institution have been most successful. But our capacities to impart such courses were restricted due to limitations of space and human resources.

Our vision of creating an Umbrella facility for research based training towards capacity building in road safety management for India

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